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COVID-19 Procedures

Please note this is considered a living document, and will be updated as necessary

All Procedures have been developed in accordance with Alberta Health Service's indoor sport guidelines.

Class In: EFC will have a strict procedure for checking in to class. To ensure the safety of all, each fencer MUST:

               1. Wait in his/her car until called to line up. Please come dressed to fence (whites) with a (non-fencing) mask 

                   on to minimize additional contact with outside gear. 

               2. Line up on markers to stay socially distanced. 

               3. Be screened by the EFC employee outside of the building, including a forehead temperature check. 


                         a. if a fencer FAILS the screening, the fencer MUST go DIRECTLY back to his/her vehicle and go directly                               home without stopping. An employee will follow up via phone with directions. 


                         b. if a fencer PASSES the screening, proceed to step 4. 

               4. Enter the building and wash hands at the sink for 20 - 60 seconds. Remove mask, wash hands for 20 - 60

                   seconds.  Please note this complies with Alberta Health Services' masking procedures.             

               5. Go into gym and sit at one end of a piste (fill back to front - a coach will be directing fencers).

               **Latecomers might not gain admittance.**

              ** Please note the  lounge area will be BLOCKED OFF, and NO fencers will be able to store equipment in 

                 lockers this year. NO spectators will be permitted into the club. **

Class Out: EFC will have a strict procedure for leaving class. Fencers MUST:

               1. Leave the gym one at a time (when called). 

               2. Wash hands at the sink for 20 - 60 seconds. Put mask on. Wash hands for 20 - 60 seconds. 

               3. Exit the building and go directly to his/her car. 

In Class: Interaction during classes will depend on which phase the province of Alberta is in. 

               Phase 2: Activity will be modified to encourage social distancing. (For example, fencers will take turns doing

                               footwork drills from opposite ends of a piste.) Bouts may occur within small groups, with in-fighting


               Phase 3: (To be officially determined by AHS and AFA guidelines) Activity slightly modified to encourage

                               social distancing. Bouts may occur within class cohort. 

               Phase 4: (To be officially determined by AHS and AFA guidelines) Activity returns to normal within cohort


               Phase 5: (To be officially determined by AHS and AFA guidelines) Normal activity may fully resume, including

                               make-up classes in other time slots. 

Equipment: Please view the equipment information page here

Water and Food: Food, and the consumption of food will NOT be permitted in EFC at this time. If you/your child have

                             medical needs, please email

                             The water fountain will NOT be available. Fencers must bring their own personal, labelled water


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